The founder of NORWIK juggling balls, Kristian Wanvik, has made his own juggling balls since 2004. The balls are made similarly to the way Russian juggler Michael Rudenko invented. Balls that have a plastic shell filled partially with a substance that give them a more stable direction when being thrown. In addition they are easier to catch and have a dead drop.

Kristian has used about 10 different “Russian style balls” during 7 years and the version discovered in 2011 that is now called NORWIK is by far the best. After using a variety of fillings over the years and testing them together with various members of team NORWIK and professional jugglers, the balls now have a very nice NORWIK sand.

WHY CHOOSE   Norwiks

  • “THE NORWIK EFFECT”: Shortly after starting to use NORWIKs you are likely to feel your patterns instantly getting more stable and you are able to run patterns for longer. An example, founder Kristian Wanvik had juggled for 14 years and would normally break his 7 ball record once a year at the most, even when using other Russians. After one month of using NORWIKs Kristian broke his 7 ball record 5 times in one single month.

  • Due to the relative large size of the ball and lightness the NORWIKs move a tiny bit slower in the air than other balls/beanbags. This slowing down of the pattern will help your control.

  • Since the ball is around half the weight of a regular bean bag while at the same time having a lot of “feel” it will be much more fun to juggle and you can keep your patterns for longer since you don’t wear out as fast.

  • NORWIKs don’t roll off of your fingertips as much as a traditional ball or beanbag do but release very cleanly. This is one of the main reasons why it is easier to throw them accurately since it helps eliminate one factor that can give you inaccurate throws. Usually Russians do not have as much of this effect as the NORWIKs do.

  • The ball is very easy to catch since the dispersed sand goes to the bottom at the catch.

  • They are great for balances, stalls and the popular “pinball” and “bbb” juggling.

  • The NORWIKs don’t shrink on the airplane due to a tiny hole in the ball. This also helps the ball stay round when you practice.

  • Because of the carefully chosen weight distribution and experimentation over the years, the NORWIKs don’t wobble in the air like some jugglers might find Russians to do.

Happy juggling! Enjoy your NORWIKs 🙂