Viking Norwik

The Viking Norwik is made with the same shell as the original 75mm Norwik. The heavy weight is great for improving strength and endurance. Spend time juggling the Viking Norwiks and after juggling with normal Norwiks will feel very light and can help you getting longer endurance runs. Also it can improve endurance for other juggling props like clubs or rings.

The sand in the Viking Norwiks is twice as heavy as the original Norwik sand. It comes from mines in northern Norway located at the polar circle. The sand is very fine and moist and has to be fried on a pan before being put in the balls.

The weight options are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x of the original Norwiks.

Please write in additional information if you want a different color than white.

Keep in mind shipping from Norway has one price up to 1kg, one price up to 2kg and so on.





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Price: 7.00 EUR
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