The original Norwik is used by jugglers all over the world. It is great to juggle and has a perfect feel. When switching to this ball you are likely to quickly improve the stability of your patterns.

New of summer 2014. The updated version now has a Norwik logo. The ball is more durable but still soft. With the earlier version the colored balls sometimes would break in the seam and we had to advice to get the white Norwik for more durability. Now also all colors are very durable. The new shells are even more round than the earlier ones. After further experimenting with the weight of the ball, the new version has gone down from 70g to 67g. This gives even more of the "Norwik effect" and the weight difference is more noticeable than one would think. 60g and 65g is a bit too light, 70g a bit heavy and 67g is just perfect.




67 grams

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Price: 6.90 EUR
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